Dragon Bird SMP

We are a new emerald economy SMP with a central spawn city and community focus. Discord membership is required to be whitelisted. Please join the Discord at https://discord.gg/e8QYxJ36my and add your username to the #whitelist-request channel.

This is a semi-vanilla server. Here is a list of our non-vanilla features:

- /spawn
- /home
- /tpa (teleport to player)
- /tpr (random teleport)

- Claim your home and other builds to protect from potential grief
- Use subclaims to create a town of your own
- Buy/sell extra claim blocks

- Emerald-based economy
- Deposit / withdraw emerald blocks at bank
- /trade with other players
- Set up a /shopkeeper that can look like any mob you want

If you would like to support the server, please vote or subscribe. The vote list is accessible via /vote or in the #server-info channel on Discord. You can subscribe here at our shop with the Donator ($1/mo) and Donator+ ($5/mo) options.

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